Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mail Art - catching up, still.


 I have many of these old postcards. This particular view is so boring that I rarely use them. Since the location is near a friend's home, I decided to alter it and send it to them.

For some reason, placing a real person there as a "sculpture bust" seemed like a good idea. My story about it is that it creates a problem for drivers who often miss the turn onto the expressway. What do you think? Does it work?

I found a stash of my cut out paintings that I'd forgotten about, and made another in my series of Landscape Beautification Projects.

This one works nicely. The story is that the boaters enjoy it but the people who live in it's shadow, not so much.


While going through some little drawers of collage bits that I hadn't explored in awhile, I found these bits of photos that I'd cut out. Why I'd taken photos of eggplants, I don't know. And why I'd had those photos printed, wow, a mystery, and then, I cut them out!

So I had to use them in Mail Art collages, right?

Do you think I used these to best advantage?

Any other ideas for me as I have a few left.

Combining photo, photo from a magazine, and very old newsprint.

Figures are from old magazines that an aquaintance dropped off at my house. I don't like the musty smell of them so I work quickly to find images to cut out then drop the magazine in the recycle bin.

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