Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ah, mid-week update! Mail Art and Slow Art.



 The above three collages use scraps that friends sent to me. I really love using these old bits and adding my own touches. #50 is made on the cover of an old children's book that someone gave me to cut up. The cover fell off so I used it in this way.

I purchased a scrap kit from the Museum of Collage, Cecil Touchon's place, to help support the museum. It arrived yesterday and I'll make several pieces of mail using the scraps from Cecil's studio. I decided to send scraps from MY studio to Cecil to use for collage night. Happy to pass scraps along.

Ah, move slowly like a turtle - that's what we'll do on Slow Art Day 2015.

I've set up an EventBrite page here. Just click on "here" and sign up. It's free to attend and I'll be able to prepare enough handouts if I know you're participating.

And if you aren't in Richmond, VA, check your city and see if there's a Slow Art Event where you are. Venue's here.

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