Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mail Art, of course, and some news!



 Notice that I'm circle happy these days.

Perhaps because I've started a group on IUOMA (the Internation Union of Mailartists) that is all about circles.

It was suggested to me by a colleague
and it's taken off. Obviously, it needed to be started!


The two pieces with the black background were inspired by a jacket that someone in my Spanish class was wearing. I was very attracted to it - it had a black background and a print of pink and rose calla lilies with green leaves. These pieces do not do it justice but they are reminders for me.

My friend sent me this eye so I had to use it to alter a card I received announcing a photo exhibit.

This collage was sent off to France as a thank you to someone who sent me a lovely little water color painting in an envelope with my name calligraphed on it so beautifully. What a treat.

I like how this piece has a spatial quality to it. It's so float-y. Do you like it?

So here's my news!
Shoalhaven River Festival NSW Australia
I sent 30 prints of photographs that I took driving the New Jersey Turnpike (I've mentioned these before) and made them into postcards that were sent to Micro Galleries (friend Kat Roma Greer) who had them installed along the river for the festival. The deal was that people would take them away, alter them, and send them to me. I'll set up an installation here, locally, with the a copy of the original and the pieces I receive back. All of the pieces were taken so I hope I get lots back, but if I only get one or two, I'll be delighted.


chris said...

Do hope you get lots from Oz!

JJalltheway said...

I sure hope it works out. I sent some work to a project like that in Perth. Do let us know if you get any back. Good luck!