Sunday, May 01, 2016

End of the Sprint - #CreativeSprint, that is.

Noah's book.
 Yesterday, I finished the 30 days of creativity on #CreativeSprint!

Sorry these photos have gotten re-arranged, so look below for the image for the Sprint. It was really amazing to participate and I encourage all of you to join up for the Fall Sprint!
You can get more information HERE.

For the last day, our prompt was to give ourselves and award or a trophy. I made something that would be visible to others so that I could start a conversation about the Sprint. I wore it to see a play last night and today I'll wear it when going out in public. It says "Finished" but in reality, I'll keep going with my own prompts.

OR use Noah's book for daily prompts.
You can get a copy of this book for yourselves, and it's in different languages, too. It's in Korean and Swedish, I know for sure.
More information HERE.

(And in case you didn't already know this, Noah's my son.)

And, to really be transparent, #CreativeSprint is the brainchild of my daughter, Mica.

That said, I joined the Sprint because the daily prompt is a welcome challenge to keep my creativity charged up.

Let me know what you're up to in your creative life. And think about signing up for next fall, I'd love to see you there.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some more Mail Art plus....

 This #67 was part of a #CreativeSprint day, where I showed, in a series of images, how to make a piece of Mail Art.

#60 was a #CreativeSprint, where I got inspiration from some mail. It was an article from EWG about the pesticides used in conventional strawberry growing.

#62 was day 17 of #CreativeSprint. It was about writing a poem, which I'm not good at so I cut a bunch of words out of a magazine, randomly, as much as possible, but of course I was making choices. I then arranged them into this Poem - THINKING, All looked, Embracing the good. See See, Feel this Life. Be bedcoming THE spring.
Not bad for a non-poet, I'd say.


In #66, I cut up a large pieces of Mail Art that I'd received awhile ago from my Mail Art friend in Hamburg. It was on firm cardboard but I was able to get it cut up into some varied sizes. I added the playing card, the cat and the lips, and sent it off to Erni. 
 Here's the Grand-Girl, Miss Z (3), who decided she was going to call me "M" and spells out my name.

She's sitting in the antique high chair that we got in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in the early 1970s.
It's her art chair upstairs. She's drawing doughnuts. She's never eaten one but she has a good idea what they are.

I received some mail art from Keith Chambers. Including a beautiful page of faux postage commemorating DaDa.

I had to frame it and display it.
What fun to make, send and receive mail that is not a bill or an advertisement.

The usual - Mail Art and a bit more

 These blue cards were made as part of my #CreativeSprint. It might have been for day 10, and had something to do with water (to state the obvious) and I wrote about something that happened to my older sister.

She lived on Kalsman St. in Los Angeles many years ago, down hill from a dam. One day the day gave way and, as she was running up hill with her children, she looked back and saw a wall of water going by on the cross street below her. She said that it was amazing. She could see cars, refrigerators, and other things being carried away in that wall of water. After a bit, the water started to come up the street she was on. It stopped at the steps to her apartment building. What a story. The power of water.



 So I mad a few water cards to send out.

#61 was also done for #CreativeSprint. Day 16, which was something about making oneself laugh out loud.
And it made my honey say "heh heh" and then I said "heh heh" too. So it worked.


And I wanted to share this little "hospital" scene with you.
Dan in the hospital
Our grand-girl (3) love the little people hospital. She loves to play with it at our home. She put our nephew Dan into it when she learned that he'd gotten into some poison ivy and had to see a doctor. She has kept the '"pretend Dan" as she calls him in hospital, although the real Dan is now fine.  This really makes the real Dan laugh when we give him updates.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Mail Art, Creative Sprint AND Slow Art Day 2016

2016 #43b

2016 #48c

2016 #50
 Here are a few pieces of Mail Art that I recently added. The two with the b & c are ones that I'd made earlier and was going to frame but then decided to turn them in to Mail Art, so I had to fit them into the numbering scheme I'm keeping.

So this is day 6 of #creativesprint and it's a lot of fun and keeps the brain going. There's still time to join us. Go to the website and sign on.
 This triptych shows three pieces of work from the VMFA McGlothlin collection. I'm hosting Slow Art Day there for the 5th time, on April 9th.  If you're in the area, join us. Just send me an e-mail to let me know you're coming and I'll have enough handouts ready. More about Slow Art Day HERE.
This image was, also, part of my #creativesprint. I used it for Day 3.

So there are two things you're invited to participate in with me. The first one - you can be anywhere in the world to be part of. The second one - you've got to be in the Richmond, VA, USA vicinity.

Hope to see you on one or the other or both!
Happy ART time!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Creative Sprint and a couple new mail art collages

 These images were on my desk, just like this, so I put them on a blank and glued them down. I like the odd juxtaposition.
 I'm enjoying making compositions with hand, butterflies and moths. Maybe it's cause Spring has sprung in this part of the globe.
 In a few days, Creative Sprint will start. It's 30 days of prompts that will put you in great creative shape.
It's free! Sign up at

It'll be fun. There are no grades, no competition, no judgement, just a bunch of us making stuff daily and then posting it, or not, to a variety of platforms like our blogs, or instagram, or whatever.
 Here's what our tree looked like last week. This week, it's all green leafy. My honey had a lot of sweeping up to do in the back yard/garden.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Some collages - Mail Art, not sure.

 One of these was framed and donated to an art auction for the nearby elementary school our kids attended.

I can't remember which, at the moment.

The others might be framed and put in an exhibit, or not. They may eventually become Mail Art.

All, I know is that I'm having fun with hands, moths, and butterflies.

Spring is in the air!

So much time has gone by - Mail Art catch up!


 I won't go into the long of it, but I've been busy, and on vacation, and busy, and so on.

But I've been making Mail Art, and that's good.

Here's a few of the numbered ones.




Saturday, February 13, 2016

Mail Art, of course!





This past week, I was using up more of the scraps from my table, but couldn't resist altering a commercial card.

#40 is an old card that  shows a motel that no longer exists. We stayed there probably 20 years ago when we first got our dog, Smitty, because they permitted dogs. it was just over the dune from the Atlantic Ocean on the OBX of North Carolina. We had a nice time except that we got kicked off after 2 days. A big storm was expected so they closed every place and made us all leave. Normally, it takes 3 hours to get home, that day, it took seven. The dog was freaked and never rode in the car again.

With #42, I started a new series, hands and butterflies/moths. There'll be more of these coming up.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

And so we start a new month - hello February!




Here #33 through 35 are more of the table scraps pieces. The scraps are the left over bits after I cut things out. I really like the way they turn out. Oh, I'd better get busy cutting out more things as I have no more scraps to use.


New Mitts

#36 and #37 are alterations of more of our friend Keith Long's exhibit cards. I saved them from many years ago and glad that I did. I have such fun with them. So far, the response I've gotten from him is good. Whew!

I'm still knitting, though I have no local sales locations, at the moment. I'm almost thinking of stocking my Etsy shop again. I stopped because there are so many similar products out there and the competition is strong, and I can't compete price-wise with commercial work from other places, if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, I love good yarn. These are made from a Merino wool.

Lunch meeting
Just for fun, here's a photo of something our grand girl left behind after a visit. She plays with salt & pepper shakers that I keep just for her.  What's going on here? She surely had a story to go with this set-up.  Got a story about this for us? Let me know.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Finishing up January 2016, WOW!






Zinn's altered card

Zinn's collage as an Add and Pass
Here's a group of my abstract collage Mail Art pieces made from scraps on my table. Love calling them my table scrap collages.  #30 is an alteration of a show card for an exhibit in 2008, of sculpture by our friend, Keith Long. I sent it to him, won't he be surprised!
#32 is for Connie Jean's on-going squirrel art exhibit.

Zinn was playing at my studio table and, as usual, wanted to collage on a card. She chose the pig card to alter. "I need some small people to go on this card," she told me. And She made up a story, which I wrote on the reverse.
Anyone want to receive this card? Let me know. Her parents aren't archiving all of her work, so I'm sending out, after scanning.
She also made this collage from more of the bits on my table. I decided to make it into an Add and Pass which I'm sending to one of my Mail Art buddies. Miss Z has quite the eye, doesn't she. She'll be 3 mid-March, just to give this some perspective.

I'm learning from her, as well as her observing what I do.