Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Images from Mexico City

Nopales - cactus, which we cut up, fried, & ate
 We stayed in a very modern high rise in Mexico City when we first arrived. Because it was hazy, the mountains surrounding the city couldn't be seen clearly.

 Zinn likes the mirrors in the elevators in the building. She's practice making faces.
 Flowers seen while out on a walk.
 Across the street from the building was the Viveros Coyoacan. A very large park, part of which was used to grow trees and plants that would be planted around the city.
 We walked across this park to get to Frida Kahlo's home.
Plants in pots, gown to be transplanted. There were tiny plants in tiny pots, and large plants and even trees.  The park was full of people jogging, walking, exercising, and even practicing bull fighting poses.

Hello again. Long time, no see.

So, we went to Mexico. We loved it. I got to use the Spanish that I've been studying for years and it worked. I had lots of excellent conversations with people in Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende. We want to return. We've been back for a month now but it seems like we were just there. It was good to be away, for the most part, from the political news in the U.S.

Here are three cards that I made while in Mexico. We were so fortunate to have seen Frida Kahlo's home but I didn't buy the permit to take photos, so I just looked at everything. The top card is my attempt to capture a bit of her studio. The second card is a bit of the roof top terrace over looking San Miguel from where Mica was living. The third shows three of the dresses that we bought Zinn. She said that her favorite thing about Mexico was the dresses.
More to come, once I can figure out how to get my photos from Google Photos. I'm still not doing great using my Chrome Book. I know, the same old same old.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Our family art making!

For the first time, probably the only time-we're all in an exhibit!

The altered-card background is a card my honey brought me
from the Victoria and Albert when he was in a London last year with a friend.

The final image is a photo taken in a museum in Norfolk, VA.
Our grandgirl was dancing in front of a sculpture was
captured by a photographer for the local newspaper, the Virginian Pilot.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

The year is almost over! Wow!






I had fun altering these floral paintings that my honey got for me on his trip to London last spring. They called for just the right additions, and I'm pleased with how they turned out.

Here are more of my Inktense festive cards. I have a lot of fun with doing these, also.

I can make several at once, then after I cut them up, do the black lines.

Very meditative, as I might have mentioned before.


The holiday season is just about over. We've had our share of Christmas festivities, but Chanukah does continue, so it's not quite over. However, it's a very low key holiday, with just candle lighting and tiny gifts for the grandgirl. For instance, we got her a tiny sticker book with sparkly Nutcracker Ballet stickers, and another day she'll get a Nutcracker Ballet sticker book of Clara with a wardrobe. There's a theme here, as you might see. The grandgirl got to see the ballet in person this year and was quite taken by it. The final gift will be a book of the Nutcracker Ballet that has a little pop up stage and figures that one can place on it.

She'll like that, we think.

Here's hoping we all have a good year ahead, in whatever way we can find that is good for each of us.

As my mother-in-law used to say "Take care on each other."

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hello, where have I been?



 I don't know where the other pieces of Mail Art, numbered between these and the last group that I posted.

They are somewhere on my computer, I think.
I'm still having a time of it, learning how to get my photos onto google photos or my drive or where ever, in order to make
the appear here on my blog.

That, said, I'm so happy that I got these up here.

I made them while at the beach over the USA holiday called Thanksgiving! I like it better in Spanish.
Dia de accion de gracias! Much better - action of thanks!

We had an impormptu trip to our favorite place to have that holiday.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina. For those of you unfamiliar with them, they are a thin strip of sand bar that runs along the coast of North Carolina, separated from the mainland by Pamlico sound. It's very peaceful there. There aren't tall hotels along a boardwalk or tall hotels anywhere. Those probably couldn't be built on sand.

We stayed closer to the sound than the Atlantic ocean. We saw beautiful sunsets and I even took photos of them, but heck if I know how to get them on here to show you.

So I'll show you these instead.  I took a large sheet of watercolor paper, cold press, and made scriggly lines across it in different colors of Derwent Intense pencils. I applied water.  It's so meditative. Try it! Then I turned the paper over and marked out the 4" x 6" pieces and cut them out. Then I went over the shapes with black pen. Such fun to see what turned out.

More to come.
oh, and let me know if you try this.


Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Some Randomness

 A Bauhaus postage stamp that I gleaned from the internet and like a lot.
 A brass buddha hand that I saw in a shop that no longer is in business. I wish I'd bought this hand. I need calming images and things around me.
 The cover of the book that my offspring will have published this coming spring. I think it'll come out around the time of the next on-line challenge. It can be pre-ordered on Amazon and I've already ordered two for myself. Why I need two, I'm not sure, Guess I'll gift someone with it, or make it a prize for something. Who knows. I was excited so I ordered two. You know how that goes.
 I recently came across this old photo of me. We were in Copenhagen in March of 1967. We'd just gone through a religious wedding ceremony for our parents where they lived, after having a civil ceremony months before where we lived. It was cold in Denmark. My cheeks were rosy all the time. And check out the travel costume! A dress, stockings, high heeled shoes. Oh dear!

A friend of my sister's sent her this photo of a painting of mine that she somehow had. I'd painted it in the early 1960s, while still a student. I barely remember it, though I do remember painting a series of heads and I do remember that yellow ochre oil paint was a favorite of mine. 
 Here are some mitts that I made awhile ago, and sold.  It's knitting time again and I'll be participating in a pop-up gift shop again at my friend Keithley's. She's the owner/maker of Bad Girl Art and has an annual shop in her home. She invites a bunch of us to join her and sell our wares. We bring beverages and food and customers can eat, drink and shop. It's a lot of fun. This year, it's December 9 in the evening and December 10, all day. If you're in or near Richmond, VA, come visit us.

and another peaceful image. I took this in Paris in 2012, I think. It's one of my favorite images. It's calming and romantic and holds such memories. The really fun thing is that I'm planning our anniversary trip to Paris for early 2017. It'll be 5 years since we've been there.

Meanwhile, I'm still struggling with my new Chrome Book. I don't know how to get all my photos onto Google Photos. Some get on there and some don't. puzzling. AND my iPhone won't let me take anymore photos!! And I only have 270 images showing up on that device. Puzzling, it's all so puzzling!!

Have a good week.

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Creative Sprint is over!

Here's a bit from my past month's fun with Creative Sprint. I hope that some of you will join me in April for the next Sprint. This is a global art game that my daughter created for her and her brother's business. They have a book coming out in the spring, too. I'll be promoting that for sure. BUT Creative Sprint is a lot of fun, and I got to meet a lot of new people from around the world participating in it.
Day 29
  Day 29, I revisited a previous day where I'd made something in a box. My honey chose the day I was to revisit. This box has a poem in it by Adam Lindsay Gordon, which is a favorite of mine.

Day 27 was to be inspired by another sprinter, and I was inspired by Estafania Garcia, who did a melted crayon thing one day and another had her little boy recreate Munch's The Scream. Such fun doing this with my grandgirl.

Day 30 - award ourselves for doing the sprint. This is my trophy.  Join me next year - sign up a CreativeSprint.co
Day 27
Day 30

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A new directions!



 Do you ever have a happy accident that makes you so happy?

Well these cards are my happy accident.

I'd scribbled, literally made some scribbled lines on a piece of paper, using my Inktense pencils. Then I brushed on some water. The paper was not water color paper so the color didn't come up intensely. I cut the paper into two postcards and started to work the forms with a gel pen. (#147 and #148) I really like the results. A lot.

A couple days later, I got out some water color paper and tried again. While I think these are NOT as successful for some reason, I still like the process.

I'm going to continue with this "experiment" to see what else happens.

Such fun!

Let me know if you've had something like this happen; What was it and what resulted from it, this happy accident.

On another note, Autumn is here! It's cool out in the nice, crispy air, crunchy leaves underfoot kind of nice.  Is it autumn where you are?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mail Art, of course, and eMail Art, and my son



eMail Art
 I had some fun using color sample papers, which I haven't done in ages. It felt good to just do simple color designs.

I think I'm going to do some more of these. Reference my older work.

And then I found some lovely autumn leaves and I scanned them to use as eMail art. I played with a dark background, a figured ground, and plain whiite which was most effective. Love autumn leaves. What about you? Do you have them in your neighborhood?

On Monday, our son's project for the VCU school of business was unveiled, as it were. He's the artist in residence there, the first such a position ever. The school is quite pleased with this and so is our son. He created one of his anamorphic portraits in the atrium using clothing donated by faculty and students. The portrait is of Maggie Walker. Quite appropriate. You can hear an interview HERE.
Anamorphic portrait