Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Some alterations.

2015 - #102

I received postcards this past week from friends who had been traveling.

The first was from Iceland.

The second from Colorado.

Of course, I had to alter them and send them back to the senders. Won't they be surprised?

Oh this is such fun to do.
Try it sometime, you'll like it.

Mail Art collaborations - a series.

 The cards in this post are a collaboration with my little grand-girl, Zinn.

She's 2 and some months old and is extremely fond of making sticker collages.

She'd lost interest in her "kid" stickers so now she uses my stickers.
 She layers with no interest in direction.
I love that! It's so random looking an yet she does it with intent.

 The past week, she did a number of postcards and when I mentioned mailing them she said that no, they were hers and clutched them to her chest.

I put them in an envelope and she took them all home.

This week, I managed to hang on to a number of the cards, and I added numbers and letters to them.

There's an energy that I love in these.
I wish that I could recreate her style myself, but it's be forced.

For now, I'll collaborate when I'm able to.

This one was sent to a Mail Artist in Japan.
Oh, and I do give her credit on the cards.

Now to hunt up some more stickers for her.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

A new month! When did this happen?




 The sky/water series above were created by adding circles to some photographs that a friend gave me. It's rare to have an actual photo to work on these days, right?
I never have any of mine printed. I post to Instagram, or a blog, or Facebook, and that's it.

Working on top of the photos required my Pioneer brand glue stick to get a good adhesion to the surface. We'll see how they do going through the postal services.

Here's Bizoo on his favorite cushion, which I happened to be using in this chair. Soon as I got up, he went for it. So happy!

This is a sticker collage that Z made recently. I have to scrounge around on my work table to find new stickers for her. I'm giving up Cavallini stickers even! She loves doing this and I love watching her compose the composition. She likes to layer the stickers and she doesn't care about right side up or down. I want to emulate what she does. 
"J'ai mis toute ma vie à savoir dessiner comme un enfant." Pablo Picasso

Friday, July 24, 2015

Mail Art and more, life almost back to normal.


 Here are a group of artists' show cards that I minimally altered.

I'd spent some time cutting out images, since I spend a lot of time sitting around these days. It keeps me from nodding off to sleep!


I'm starting to feel more myself, now that I'm going out for physical therapy, and getting stronger. This is a very good feeling, to state the obvious.

I want to share with you some of the lovely trays my honey brought to me for various meals.


 Healthy cookies by my friend Mary.

This is a dinner of food from various friends. Lentil soup from Roshan, with her pasta salad in it, veggie tarte from Beth Ann, cheese spread from Eileen.
 Here's another dinner with the soup, and cheese spread, plus chickpeas and a bean spread. And my honey gave me 2 choices of crackers!

Here's a simple breakfast on a day when I
didn't feel like eating much.
 Here's another lovely dinner, with the veggie tarte, some of Roshan's rice, salad, and left overs from my birthay dinner (Japanese food.)

You can see that I didn't go hungry during the early days of my recuperation.

And my honey presented everything so appetizingly, didn't he?

Now I'm able to go downstairs and eat at the kitchen table. Yay.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

More about what's happened.

 I'm home bound for another week, with in-home PT. I'm doing well, getting stronger, walking with a cane.

People have been so kind and thoughtful. I've gotten cards and flowers, and candy, food, and visits.

My hunny has been very supportive.

And then another thing happened, last week on my birthday, my mother died at noon. She was old, as regular readers of my blog know, but still - on my birthday! It put quite a twist on the day.
She was 101 and left us in her sleep.

She lived 3000 miles away from me, and as I'm home bound couldn't travel there.

So I'm remembering and honoring her memory, here at home.

This is part of the headband she wore when she worked at the Orange Crush stand during the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, Illinois USA. It had an orange ribbon threaded through it that tied around her head with a bow at the nape of the next. She must have looked adoable with her engaging smile and big brown eyes.

N, J, and Z came over the evening of my birthday and brought me a lovely cake and we ordered Japanese food. It was lovely. 

M came in from NYC a few days after my birthday, and brought me two birthday gifts - they were perfect and just what I wanted.

A felt pigeon by Mother Pigeon  and a vegetarian cookbook The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook. I can't wait until I can get busy in the kitchen.

It's been an interesting summer, so far.
My sad and disbelief goes in and out.

The card from my friend in Ireland says it all, Speedy recovery, happy birthday, and condolence.
So it goes.

What happened!



 4 days after my previous entry, on the 12th of June, I had an unfortunately encounter with a cement floor.

The next morning, I was in surgery and when I came out, I had a new hip.

It's been like a strange dream, I can't believe it happened to MOI!!

While in hospital PT and OT, my hunny brought me some supplies and I made several collages.

That made me feel more myself.

I had a bunch of bits cut out and hunny brought those to me so I had good material to work with.


I'm happy I had lips and hands and eyes, amonth other things, and black paper. How convenient!

All of these are little narratives. All they need are titles, and maybe stories.

#86 reminds me of the book I started by Neal Stephenson, for some reason. It's called Seveneves.

The word is from an envelope that I received. It looked handprinted on it, and I liked it a lot so I saved it.

It was perfect for this collage on the day that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on the equality of marriage.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Busy days, and Mail Art, of course.



 The first three pieces of Mail Art here, I made using scraps left over from cutting out patterns for mailing envelopes. I really do like the randomness of them. The color, for me, suggest the 1920s design palette. What do you think?

The fourth card, the sea, is for an exhibit in Argentina. The theme "Lo que el Delta ve." I didn't have a clue what the curator might want, but the Delta of the Tigre river was referred to, so - water it had to be.

I used an old photo that a friend gave to me as the substrate, then added the hand and the circle.

These are all standard postcard size.

You know that I don't often share photos of our grand-girl, but, these days, she's been busy making collages, using stickers. I took her shopping at the craft store and we came away with a lot of sticker books. I find backgrounds for her to use. Here she's putting them on card stock from a paper company sample book. I love how she layers the stickers, and has no concern  if the animals or letters are upside down or right side up. I want to copy her compositions!

 These are some flowers from a bit ago. I love the color and the design of them.

I had to share them with you.

Do you know what they are? I don't, but I like them.
I forgot that I wanted to show this to you. This was the post office in Duck, N.C. It was a real post office, in a crowded little space, that included all of the things listed on the sign out front. The postal worker was very helpful. He wanted to be sure I knew that postal rates were going up, which I did.

This isn't the official DUCK post office, as I think that's in Kitty Hawk, but this is the post office IN Duck.


Tuesday, June 02, 2015

So many days have gone by....





 Why have I been gone so long?
So many things have been going on and all good!

For one thing, we went off to the beach for an entire week, renting a beach house with family and friends. It was delightful. We could see, and hear, the Atlantic ocean from the house, a short walk along a wooden path took us up over the dune onto the beach. The beach was very lovely, with hardly anyone on it as it's early in the season.
The weather was perfect.

Our grand-girl had a great time in her gigantic sand box.
 We can't wait to do this again.

A couple of the cards above were made at the beach with scraps of paper cut from the beach brochure.
 We saw the sunrise on the ocean and the sunset on the sound. How perfect.

The water was too cold to do more than walk along the edges.

 We saw lots of dolphins leaping and lots of pelicans flying, often they were in a line low over the dune. Both the dolphins and pelicans were closer than I'd ever seen before. How perfect.

One day, there were several bicycles parked on the board walk to the beach, behind our house.

I took this photo and used it on my new bicycle blog, for entries to my Mail Art call. See it HERE and do send me something.

This has been something keeping me busy. Also, while at the beach, I set up a blog to archive the artists coloring book that my honey produced. You can see it HERE.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's a lovely day in my neighborhood!




 Some Mail Art collages - #73 uses very specific shapes, #74 uses left-over shapes (and I do like this one a lot) and #75 is an altered vintage postcard that my friend Andrea sent to me. It's sort of Colossus of Rhodes, right?

It's such beautiful weather today that I've taken my lap top outside; where, I can enjoy the garden, and the lovely, low humidity and light breeze.

Meanwhile, inside, a chard pie was baking! Here it is. I did it without the pie crust that the recipe called for. I think it'll be good!
 Here's my lovely little garden. All hosta and ferns and other shade loving plants. The couple bird feeders are back in business attracting birds. Yay.
On Monday, I got together with my friend to finish up day 21 of #CreativeSprint. The prompt was to call someone you hadn't spoken to in awhile, and have them give you a prompt. My friend suggested that I make a map of a place we could walk to easily, so I did. We walked the map together, first to a nearby "shelf" to leave some things, then to a coffee shop to leave books.

The book is registered on Bookcrossing. I hope that whoever found it will make a journal entry.

Whatever is on the shelf is anonymous, so we'll never know who took our stuff. And someone left a miniature china cup and saucer, and I took it for our grand-girl. She loved it.

So there you go, a lovely day in the neighborhood. I hope your day has gone, is going, or will go well.