Tuesday, October 06, 2015

More Mail Art, of course!

 I've had a lot of fun collection hands, eyes, and mouths from magazines.

 What do you think? A whole image is formed right? You can see what the entire face looks like.

A friend sent me this eraser card. I wasn't sure how I'd alter it, but the addition of this head really changed this into a narrative piece.  I posted it on Facebook for my Mail Art Monday post and asked for captions. I got some really good ones.

Do want to suggest a caption?

I've been meaning to share this received mail with you. The envelope appeared to have been water damaged then dried out. It was sent to me from Puerto Rico in August but wasn't received until September, long after our friends had returned.

I showed them the envelopes before I opened them It's amazing that they arrived at our home. Amazing.

Catching up on Mail Art + a little workshop




At Main Library

Workshop participants

Altered postcard

Altered card and magazine cover

Altered cards

Altered card

Altered card

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Mail Art exhibit and the UCI world championships

window display

Window display

View from sidwalk
Miss Z viewing time trials

A rider rounding the turn, Time Trials

Screen shot of team time trials

Mail Art, of course, and More, of course.


#108 front
This pink mail art was in response to a call from Tofu, out in California.

There are a few days left to the dealine if you want to participate.

I used the cover of an old, very distressed book, to make this piece of mail art. It was fun to just change it up a bit and, also, it felt good not to just toss the book in recycling.
#108 reverse


Mail Art installed in window

Interior display
The above piece of Mail Art is a reference to the fabulous paper dolls of Stephanie Blake. Her's are amazing. Search her name to see more, if you have a moment.

Well, the Mail Art is installed and it looks excellent.

The solution that Lauren, at Rostov's Coffee and Tea shop, came up with is excellent.

The window display and the one inside are both so appealing. You can see the more photos of the exhibit and all of the cards entered at the bicycle blog.

Viewers are encouraged to pick up and interact with the Mail Art pieces on display inside. The entries are all on display. I hope that this exhibit will encourage others to take up making and sending out Mail Art.

Have you made any lately?

Thursday, September 03, 2015

What's been going on?

#72 re-d0

 Here are some recent pieces of mail art, including one that I added pieces to related to music. I sent it to a Mail Art call exhibit in Columbia - theme city of music.
Besides, making my own Mail Art, I've been busy scanning mail coming in for the bicycle themed exhibit.  This is in conjunction with the UCI World Races which will happen very soon here in Richmond, VA, USA. Exciting!

Oh I have to get busy posting and making signs and lists of participants for display at the venue.

 We took a few days away from the city. My DIL found a lovely Airbnb for us to stay in at Duck, NC, on the Outer Banks (OBX)

It was a great location, short walk to the ocean, and to the sound.

It was wonderful to hear the sounds of the waves, again. Two of the days, the no swimming flag was up, as the ocean was wild! We were sad to say good bye but are already thinking of our next stay there.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Some alterations.

2015 - #102

I received postcards this past week from friends who had been traveling.

The first was from Iceland.

The second from Colorado.

Of course, I had to alter them and send them back to the senders. Won't they be surprised?

Oh this is such fun to do.
Try it sometime, you'll like it.

Mail Art collaborations - a series.

 The cards in this post are a collaboration with my little grand-girl, Zinn.

She's 2 and some months old and is extremely fond of making sticker collages.

She'd lost interest in her "kid" stickers so now she uses my stickers.
 She layers with no interest in direction.
I love that! It's so random looking an yet she does it with intent.

 The past week, she did a number of postcards and when I mentioned mailing them she said that no, they were hers and clutched them to her chest.

I put them in an envelope and she took them all home.

This week, I managed to hang on to a number of the cards, and I added numbers and letters to them.

There's an energy that I love in these.
I wish that I could recreate her style myself, but it's be forced.

For now, I'll collaborate when I'm able to.

This one was sent to a Mail Artist in Japan.
Oh, and I do give her credit on the cards.

Now to hunt up some more stickers for her.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

A new month! When did this happen?




 The sky/water series above were created by adding circles to some photographs that a friend gave me. It's rare to have an actual photo to work on these days, right?
I never have any of mine printed. I post to Instagram, or a blog, or Facebook, and that's it.

Working on top of the photos required my Pioneer brand glue stick to get a good adhesion to the surface. We'll see how they do going through the postal services.

Here's Bizoo on his favorite cushion, which I happened to be using in this chair. Soon as I got up, he went for it. So happy!

This is a sticker collage that Z made recently. I have to scrounge around on my work table to find new stickers for her. I'm giving up Cavallini stickers even! She loves doing this and I love watching her compose the composition. She likes to layer the stickers and she doesn't care about right side up or down. I want to emulate what she does. 
"J'ai mis toute ma vie à savoir dessiner comme un enfant." Pablo Picasso

Friday, July 24, 2015

Mail Art and more, life almost back to normal.


 Here are a group of artists' show cards that I minimally altered.

I'd spent some time cutting out images, since I spend a lot of time sitting around these days. It keeps me from nodding off to sleep!


I'm starting to feel more myself, now that I'm going out for physical therapy, and getting stronger. This is a very good feeling, to state the obvious.

I want to share with you some of the lovely trays my honey brought to me for various meals.


 Healthy cookies by my friend Mary.

This is a dinner of food from various friends. Lentil soup from Roshan, with her pasta salad in it, veggie tarte from Beth Ann, cheese spread from Eileen.
 Here's another dinner with the soup, and cheese spread, plus chickpeas and a bean spread. And my honey gave me 2 choices of crackers!

Here's a simple breakfast on a day when I
didn't feel like eating much.
 Here's another lovely dinner, with the veggie tarte, some of Roshan's rice, salad, and left overs from my birthay dinner (Japanese food.)

You can see that I didn't go hungry during the early days of my recuperation.

And my honey presented everything so appetizingly, didn't he?

Now I'm able to go downstairs and eat at the kitchen table. Yay.