Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm on a roll!

 Since, I'm in a catch up mood, I'll post some of the other pieces of Mail Art that I've made. More of my exploring the Inktense and water color pencils.
I added some collage bits to these, just because. I'm particularly pleased with #172, the way the large circle appears to be part of the water color area.

An acquaintance invited me to submit something to an exhibit in one of her Micro Gallery projects. She wanted 30 items, Mail Art for people to take away. 
 Since I do individual cards, usually, this would have been difficult, but I thought of the prints from another project that had gotten water damaged. I was able to cut away the borders, where the damage was, and ended up with postcard sized works. They're photos that were printed up for an exhibit I had several years ago.
It was called the New Jersey Turnpike Project. I would take photos, not driving, allowing the irregularities in the roadway, to cause the camera to move. The results were such fun. Lots of lights along the strip from the Holland Tunnel to Exit 11, if you know that route.

Here's a photo of the grand girl contemplating the big Buddha, at VMFA.

Good Grief, long time no see!


 I've been remiss in posting my Mail Art, that's for sure. I've been making it, not quite daily, but having a good time with it for sure.
Finding the woman for the vintage Chrysler building postcard made me so happy. I feel like I haven't had such a good combination in awhile, maybe since Tiny Town. #169 was sent to a Mail Art call having to do with the Moon Landing in 1969. I had First Cover from that time - trust me, not that valuable, all of you who might be horrified that I used a first cover for Mail Art. I did a collage to put inside the envelope.
#170 is more playing with my Inktense pencils. I got more of them. So fun. But I added a sleeping Buddha cause it seems so right.

The Big Buddha

La Paloma
On Sunday's we've been taking our grand girl to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art and one of her favorite things to see is this Big Buddha, which is wood and from Japan. It's quite lovely and the room it's in is dimly lit and quiet. Only missing, a bench.

This pigeon is a ceramic piece that we saw at an exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC, and I've been wanting to share it with you for awhile.  I wish I'd taken down the artist's name. A real miss on my part. If you know who did it, let me know.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mail Art, Mail Art - It's Monday again! (and cake!)




 Three cards from the past few days. An original collage incorporating a painting by Kandinsky, who I didn't apprciate until I was an adult.

Two altered cards to send to people that I know, to surprise them.

And for book club yesterday, I once again made the Brown Sugar-Toffee cake. It was the best version ever! Want to taste it? The recipe is HERE.

Let me know how it turns out and how many compliments you get when people taste it.
Crossing the James River on Sunday morning, headed to my knitting group, so peaceful, with such a lovely sky.  I took this while driving!! I can't believe that I did it but look, no one was on the road with me.

Have you ever done that, taken a snap with your phone while driving?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mail Art plus


This was my post on Facebook for MAM (Mail Art Monday.) I was really pleased with how I could take two scraps of paper with similar purples and a circle and create this landscape-like composition. I'm really please with myself. And what a good feeling that is.

What gives you that pleased with yourself feeling?
 Here are some chickadees by Milk, that are on display at Quirk Gallery. I had to buy one and I got a tiny one for free! How cool is that. Can't wait for the show to come down so I can have my bird!
 Here are some mice that were on display at the candy counter in Southern Season. I did not buy any. I was tempted, but I didn't do it. Maybe another day.
We've been fortunate to be able to take our grand, Zinn, to the Virginia Museum of Fine Art on Sundays recently. She loves being there and has some favorite pieces. One of them is this large Buddha. She says Buddha so clearly, it makes us smile. A Buddha smile!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mail Art & family

 Mail Art today - more strips and circles. I can't get enough of this. Or maybe it's one of my defaults? hmmm.

My grand watching a yoga class. Since my DIL is a yoga instructor, this little one is quite the practitioner. She'll lie down on the ground, lift up a leg and say "yoga." Cracks us up.
Oct. 1969
Mom and Dad, oh what a couple! I came across this recently and it made me smile.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Now for the Mail Art!!



 After a bit of a break, I'm back to my Landscape Beautification Project, except this time - I've used sculpture. The figures were from a brochure I picked up in Quebec City. They add a certain je ne c'est quoi to otherwise boring landscapes. Don't you think so?

The Mary Cassatt figure contemplates & complements the tour boat quite nicely, too.

This morning, I was in a mood for making strips and reached into my tin of cut up paper to make this piece. Adding circles is just right for finalizing the composition.

That's a Yayoi Kusama bit in the middle. She just tickles me with her dots!

I've sent some things to an installation piece in Wales. How cool is that? And, soon I'll be sending something off to Siberia. I've convinced my honey to participate in SPY with me, which will be an exhibit in honor of Graham Greene, in Novosibirsk. More on that soon.

No Mail Art - just some of my photos this morning.

Market Day

Market day

Tiny sweets

Chris Milk's chicadees

Bizoo (thinking of Chicadees?)

Brown sugar yogurt cake!

Shelf with Weather gram

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Catching Up, Mail Art & More


 I've  been having fun with a circle stencil and water soluble 9B graphite.

I added a bit of color with water color pencils.






In cleaning up my studio table, I found cool stuff to cut up into substrates. With only one added piece, I get an interesting composition.

This collage is on a piece of card stock that fits into a First Cover envelope. I made this specifically to send to someone who likes Mary Cassatt.

Here's another composition using the same substrate as in #125.

More circle Mail Art.

Here's how I created the circle pieces. I worked on large sheet of water color paper, making circles with the stencil and the graphite and pencils.

I added water and when dry, I cut the paper into Mail Art sized pieces, Artist Trading Card pieces, and left overs for book markers.

No waste!

After the pieces were cut out, I sprayed them with matte fixative.

Hmm, I'm thinking I should do the spraying before I cut them up, oh yeah, that'd be better. Right?

This is a view of the 23221 Post Office the other day. I was sitting in the parking lot and noticed that the clouds were gorgeous! Notice the light on the side of the building had come on because the light was low. The wind blowing was nice to show the flag better.

Here's my studio table post clean up. I'm so happy that I spent the time to clean up and organize. on the left is a plastic box holding received mail. I'm pulling pieces from that to send responses. On my wall, are new inspiration pieces.

I'm happier in my studio now that I have more making space on the table.

How messy does your space have to get before you clean it up?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mail Art made on vacation!

 We went to Québec City for our vacation. I had hoped to find a Mail Artist there to have a meet-up with, but no such fortune. 

I did however make a lot of Mail Art while away. These pieces are a sample - I used scaps from found paper and added circles that I brought with me in my traveling Mail Art kit.

I altered commercial postcards and I made water color landscapes (not pleine aire, however.)

It was very relaxing to take a few moments each day and make little art pieces.

We were very inspired  by what we saw at museums and all around us, returning home with ideas for new work,
and memories of a terrific time in a new environment.

I had fun putting the bears into the postcard and am happy with how it turned out.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Mail Art, Little Free Library, and more


 I made this Mail Art to send to someone who sent me a lovely piece of Mail Art back in March and I've been sooo remiss in responding to people. I feel awful about it. Slowly I'm getting mail out. Oh everyone who sent me Mail Art, please know that I loved getting it.

I made this altered card using a postcard that we got at our most recent visit to the National Postal Museum on my birthday last week. I added the colorful old postage stamps to it. It's going to my niece and nephew in Wisconsin. They'll get a kick out of getting real mail.

I've been having fun punching out circles from old Art magazines. I'm preparing for a workshop that I'm going to do in two weeks, and I'm going to offer up a tin full of these circles as part of the project. More on this after it happens.

My workshop last week went really well. It was on Artist Trading Cards. Super fun to share. The participants were all teachers, grades kinder through end of high school, all different subject areas. 


So these two cards are the start of some fun for me, as I plan to make use of the circles, also.  I like circles a lot, and these are so planetary, and minimal.
 I'd seen this Little Free Library a few weeks ago when driving by the Richmond Ambulance Authority building. How cute, I thought, and today, with a book to deposit, I stopped there on the way home from playing with my grand-girl.

This is beautifully crafted and painted to look exactly like the ambulances.  It had a nice amount of books in it, not crowded like some of the other smaller LFLs. I hope that more people pay attention to it.

Do you have any LFLs in your neighborhood?
 My niece and her husband joined us to celebrate the American Independence day, 4th of July. She brought head bands for all of us to wear. Here she is modeling one. Cute, aren't they?
 Bizoo waits on my bedside table every morning waiting for me to wake up. He taps my head sometimes, and other times just sits patiently. The treats are in the top drawer!!
He knows it, as does our grand-girl, who likes giving the cat treats. We did, however, find her munching on a few herself, yesterday.
I just had to share these flowers with you. They were among the bunches at Amy's farmers' market stand last week. Gorgeous, like a painting, yes?