Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Slow Art Day and more

 Slow Art Day 2014 was terrific. 21 people showed up, including kids, and all seemed to enjoy it.

This is a painting by Jasper Johns.
 I was too distracted and happily excited to remember to take photos, so these lovely participants suggested that we restage some "looking" moments. The Lee Bontecou piece was intriguing.

I was happy with the five art works I chose and people said that they enjoyed seeing them, also.
Next year, April 11th. Put it on your calendar and join me, or any of the Slow Art Day events near where you live.
 Mail Art happens still, though not daily.

I've got a few of the little musicians left but am slowly finding the right cards to use them on.

My knitting class has ended for this session, but I'll join up again in June. I made these mitts using double pointed needles! I was wanting to learn how to use them.

This year, I plan to continue to knit through summer. In the past, I put it away until cool weather but it's so much fun learning new stuff.

By the way, I didn't create the pattern on these, the yarn did. Cool yarn!!  Do you knit?
My new forsythia bush.

It'll be green before long but I'm looking forward to next pring when it'll be yellow again. I love forsythia, the herald of spring.

What's your favorite spring plant/flower?

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