Thursday, December 10, 2009

Knitting and more knitting.

Here's a little blurry view of the sock I'm making, my first ever. I had class this evening, at The Yarn Lounge, and worked on "turning the heel." Wow! This is very cool. The socks are going to be big so probably will be more like "keep the feet warm at night" socks rather than wearing in a shoe. I've been selling lots of mitts from my Etsy shop, so am knitting lots more. Fortunately my sister, and partner in Fritzi (our Etsy shop) has sent me lots of her terrific, fun mitts. I put a few in the shop today, including these cool mitts I call Going to the Lodge! and little silver sparkly ones. I want to wear several pairs at once right now. It's sooo cold out and chilly indoors. Brrrrrr!

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