Sunday, September 20, 2009

A new moisturizer!

Some of you, who are regular readers of my blog, may remember that I was posting a lot about the cosmetic safety data base. I still check all my skin care and make-up products against their list, looking for products that do not contain carcinogens (all those cancer causing chemicals. Yuk!) A few weeks ago, I looked for a safe moisturizer and "discovered" this product, made in USA, which was a zero ("0") so I explored the site, Soap for Goodness Sake.
I had several e-mails with the proprietor and then ordered the moisturizer. It's all organic, just shea butter and organic sunflower seed oil. That's it! The price was very reasonable for the amount of product.
When it arrived, I was surprised that it was a solid! I thought uh-oh, this might be too thick for a face moisturizer. I've been using the product in the tube behind the jar...a lotion from France. I've been using the new product now for a few weeks and am very satisfied with it. It became a liquid on my finger tips, goes on smoothly, does not look greasy (I've checked with my women friends about how my face looks) and any left-over on my fingers I just rub onto my hands or even through my hair.

I recommend that you check out the data base and the product site. Kathy, the proprietor, will answer any questions you have. On her site, you can see their farm. Let me know what you think.

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phonelady said...

it looks good but sadly I can't use anything but baby products.I have allergies .