Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Music Night

Little cousin was visiting and once again treated us to his wonderful, unique jazzy piano stylings.
He's only 8 1/2, just entering 3rd grade. He, also, plays a mean kunga drum! One of these days, I'll have a video recording device and you'll be able to see and hear him in action. In the mean time....little cuz, here's to you...clap clap clap!

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"Uno nunca sabe qué traerá mañana."


phonelady said...

I love the spanish . I used to love when the family kids would get together and do the music nights . I am a sucker for music being my fasination with the violin . I play when I can and when I have the time . great blog dear and I do so hope you enjoyed the family music night .

Mim said...

Oh, I sent this from my e-mail so the "signature" showed up. I'd wondered what you meant by "the spanish." Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.

Barbara said...

git down, R !

bee bee