Sunday, January 06, 2008

A weekend trip.

We drove up the coast to NJ, where I reserved a room in a posh hotel for a not-posh price on-line. This is the weekend we celebrate Ryan's 7th birthday and visit with Mica.
The view from the window is pretty geometric! With some imagining, one could think Egypt?! (pyramids?) Nah! I'm just tired! The restaurant was very interesting, with a large glass "tree" in the middle. Check out this cup and saucer design.

Friday night, we went to a small pizza place in NYC for dinner and the walls were hung with bad paintings that were actually good. We were able to get a small pitcher of house red, which reminded me of Paris, well, sort of. We had a delicious pizza. No photo because I was too busy eating to take a picture. More photos of what we've been doing here, after we return home.

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Another Limited Rebellion said...

You ate at Arturo's on Houston? I love that place! My personal vote for best brick oven pizza in NYC.