Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My new shop.

During the summer, I made a lot of tote bags to sell at the farmers' market. I was trying to do my part in reducing the use of plastic bags. Now, I've opened my ETSY shop, where I'll be selling my totes, my knit wear and items by my sister, who lives across the country from me. She makes wonderful beaded bags and other good things. We call the shop Fritzi, which will be our label, but the shop can be found under www.mim4art.etsy.com
There's a funny, sort of funny, story about the name Fritzi. Several years ago, when I was visiting my parents, I asked my mom if she'd had a nickname when she was young. "oh yes," she said, "my friends called me Fritzi because I was so flirtacious." I had no idea how the personality translated to the name, maybe it was a 1920/30s thing, but when my nieces recently asked her "Gram, did you have a nickname as a young person?", she said "Betty Boop, because I have such big eyes." Fritzi? Who knows!

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