Thursday, February 22, 2007

My old

This is the piano I've had for a long time. Soon, it will be replaced with a new piano, so I want to "eulogize" it? I guess that's the word. This piano came to me because I had told Pearl Rose, one of our elderly neighbors, that I missed having a piano. She came to our apartment one day and said that her next door neighbor was moving to Arizona and wanted to sell his piano to someone who'd appreciate it. I rushed across street and met him. He sort of interviewed me. He played the piano, I played the piano, and he said, Okay, it can go to you. He charged me $150. It cost me $50 to move it across the street and up the stairs. The movers, sweated and cursed, trying to get it up the steep steps and around the newel post at the top, into the room I had for it. They said "lady, don't call us when you want to move this again." So, when we moved to our house, I DID call them. I figured that they knew how to get it out since they'd gotten it in. I loved having this piano. I loved finding out it was made in 1909 and that it was like having a 6' grand piano because it was so tall. The sound was beautifully rich. I felt that it was a responsibility, that I had to take care of it, because Caesar Kerstein (that was the man's name) had entrusted it to me. I had a humidity system put in it a few years ago, and I had it tuned regularly. But, time took it's toll. Too many parts broke and my tuner told me last year that it'd need rebuilding. And that it'd be very expensive to do that. I haven't played in awhile, due to breaking my arm. Now that my wrist and hand are a bit better, I'd been trying to play Hanon exercises, but with keys not working, it was pointless. I called the rebuilder, got the news, and after talking with people, looking things up on-line, I decided to replace my Mason-Hamlin. I'm sad, this has been a wonderful piano, it's been a "companion, provided so much pleasure, been solace, and escape, but I'm ecstatic to have a little baby grand coming into my house. More on this soon.

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alrdesign said...

I'll miss that piano too!