Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I wonder about this...the bicycles left chained to posts and trees. Left to be dismantled over time. Who forgets their bike? Why do they forget them? I had a really neat book of photos done by a guy in the village in New York City of all the abandoned bikes he saw. There were images of complete bikes and partial ones, down to just the basic frame. But why they're abandonned puzzles me. I spoke with a former student of mine about this once, but can't remember what we concluded. Obviously, the conclusion didn't satisfy me because I continue to ponder this.


Mica said...

The photos in that book you mention were taken all around my hood in NYC. It was like a picture book of old friends. These bikes i'd pass daily and watch the gradual removal of all their parts a sort of kinetic sculpture.

Awed Job said...

Sometimes, it's time to return our objects back to the universe from which it came. By letting go of one's posessions, a world of wealth is theirs for the taking.