Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Girl

In front of a scene.
 I can't remember what artist painted this girl, or the era it was painted in, I can't give credit, which bothers me, but I like her a lot and had fun trying her out with different backgrounds.

I'm still having trouble, after all this time, with my ChromeBook and still regretting my decision to be frugal, and NOT get the Apple laptop. Oh well. The struggle to get images up continues.
A travel scene.

In Mexico!

Some color.

Brighter color is nice.

This deep color is nice, too.
What do you think? Should I keep going with this girl?

The possibilities are endless, to state the obvious.

Let me know what you think?

1 comment:

mim said...

My mail art friend, PascalMinArt from Normandy in France, sent me the image of this girl on a US Postage stamp - John Copley is the artist! How cool to get this information from a person in France!?

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