Friday, July 07, 2017

Mail Art Mail Art Mail Art

circa 2003
 I rediscovered a small cache of my own small collages that I made when US postage was $.23. I used them as samples in classes that I was teaching. So I added something to each one, and made them into current Mail Art to send out. I'm more minimal these days.
This card was sent to a VisPo mail art call.
 This card is going to a fish mail art collector.
I can't remember where I sent this one but it turned out interesting, spacially.
circa 2003

circa 2003

circa 2003

 I sent this one to Margate, U.K. for a fundraiser for Margate Caves something or other. A community center is planned and they're raising funds. AND since my pseudonym when I was worked in reservations for a now defunct airline was Miss Margate, I had to submit. My British colleagues were much amused by my pseudonym. It was like saying Miss Coney Island to an American.
This images is from the sheet of JFK stamps put out by the USPS. My friend used lots of the stamps for a mailing and I got the part left over. You'll be seeing a lot of JFK in the future.
This collage is on a CD. I'm not sure who'll receive it, yet.

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