Monday, April 27, 2015

Catching up on Mail Art, again.



 This is an odd assortment of Mail Art, not in any series, though done on either the same day or successive days.

This one was only three bits but it needed more so I added the black square. It works.

 #70 is a collaboration done for #CreativeSprint. I was on the train headed north to Washington, DC, for the day when my friend Shelia got in touch with me about doing the collaboration for that day.
We came up with a plan. I sent her some photos from my trip to give her something to work from, she photo shopped an image together, and I added collage to it, and voila, she suggested it'd be a good Mail Art piece.  It was fun to do this, as we had no idea what we'd end up with. 


I found that I had some Kandinsky stickers, and managed to keep one before our Grand girl used them all on her collage.
I had an idea for using it on some Mail Art and like the way it turned out.

 Here are some stamps that I bought at the Post Office in the National Postal Museum. The blossoms were no longer blossoming, so we didn't get to see them in person.

I love this part of the National Postal Museum, people getting excited about being able to take home stamps. A mother and two children, in this instance. And C and I chose some, also.

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