Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm on a roll!

 Since, I'm in a catch up mood, I'll post some of the other pieces of Mail Art that I've made. More of my exploring the Inktense and water color pencils.
I added some collage bits to these, just because. I'm particularly pleased with #172, the way the large circle appears to be part of the water color area.

An acquaintance invited me to submit something to an exhibit in one of her Micro Gallery projects. She wanted 30 items, Mail Art for people to take away. 
 Since I do individual cards, usually, this would have been difficult, but I thought of the prints from another project that had gotten water damaged. I was able to cut away the borders, where the damage was, and ended up with postcard sized works. They're photos that were printed up for an exhibit I had several years ago.
It was called the New Jersey Turnpike Project. I would take photos, not driving, allowing the irregularities in the roadway, to cause the camera to move. The results were such fun. Lots of lights along the strip from the Holland Tunnel to Exit 11, if you know that route.

Here's a photo of the grand girl contemplating the big Buddha, at VMFA.


Limner said...

Janis would grin if she saw this. :)

Rachel Carter said...

oh those are LOVELY!