Monday, August 11, 2014

Now for the Mail Art!!



 After a bit of a break, I'm back to my Landscape Beautification Project, except this time - I've used sculpture. The figures were from a brochure I picked up in Quebec City. They add a certain je ne c'est quoi to otherwise boring landscapes. Don't you think so?

The Mary Cassatt figure contemplates & complements the tour boat quite nicely, too.

This morning, I was in a mood for making strips and reached into my tin of cut up paper to make this piece. Adding circles is just right for finalizing the composition.

That's a Yayoi Kusama bit in the middle. She just tickles me with her dots!

I've sent some things to an installation piece in Wales. How cool is that? And, soon I'll be sending something off to Siberia. I've convinced my honey to participate in SPY with me, which will be an exhibit in honor of Graham Greene, in Novosibirsk. More on that soon.

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