Monday, August 25, 2014

Mail Art, Mail Art - It's Monday again! (and cake!)




 Three cards from the past few days. An original collage incorporating a painting by Kandinsky, who I didn't apprciate until I was an adult.

Two altered cards to send to people that I know, to surprise them.

And for book club yesterday, I once again made the Brown Sugar-Toffee cake. It was the best version ever! Want to taste it? The recipe is HERE.

Let me know how it turns out and how many compliments you get when people taste it.
Crossing the James River on Sunday morning, headed to my knitting group, so peaceful, with such a lovely sky.  I took this while driving!! I can't believe that I did it but look, no one was on the road with me.

Have you ever done that, taken a snap with your phone while driving?


Anonymous said...

I love this photo. So peaceful. xo, bb

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I've taken lots of photos while driving! Especially on the really long trips.
Jeanne K.