Friday, October 08, 2010

Feeling blue.

Taking a rest, recently
This afternoon, we said goodbye to Smitty. He came into our lives, from the city pound, 15 years ago (this past July) and was a great little dog. He was, as we say, house trained from the start, and didn't bark until he'd been with us for months. We thought he had no voice! He wasn't afraid of being hit, if we picked up a broom or newspaper, but didn't like big boots. He didn't shed, which we thought was a big plus though we didn't realize that until much later.  We weren't planning on keeping him, I was just getting him out of the pound to rescue him from certain death, but within three days, he charmed us with his bouncy fun personality and cute face. He wasn't sure about being picked up or held on a lap. He'd keep his legs out stiff. Gradually, he realized he was with his pack, and truly became our dog.
Studio Portrait 1995
I'm feeling sad but it was time. We had to make sure. We didn't want it to be about us, the constant cleaning up the kitchen floor from accidents, or the inconvenience of not being about to take a trip, but rather about his quality of life.
On the porch, snoozing
Our veterinary doctor was wonderful. She was so sweet to him and to us. We're sad, but it's okay.
Taking a stroll


phonelady said...

Im so sorry they are part of our family and it is never easy losing them or letting them go .

Paula said...

So very sorry! He was adorable.

joemmama said...

Oh Mim...I am so sorry! I know it hurts, but you made the right choice. Now he is at the Rainbow Bridge, running and playing, and I believe he will be waiting when you arrive.

Found art blog said...

Oh what a shame!!! but you know what? he'll be racing round with all them doggies and horses from Shiloh!!! He will he will he will!! Big hugs....!

katherine hisako kodama said...

It is always a difficult decision but you did the kind thing. He was so adorable and i am glad you posted photos. Please take care.

The Missive Maven said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I enjoyed hearing about Smitty, and seeing the wonderful photos. Animal companions' importance is not to be underestimated... my thoughts are with you.

VioletSky said...

Oh, Mim, I am sorry. It is never an easy decision.