Monday, August 17, 2009

New shades!

Here's the final look with our new shades and new windows. The shades are like an industrial kind of shade that we've seen in galleries and restaurants, and a some friends' apartments. They are so nice. They let light in, we can see out (kinda) and people can't see in. Ours were put in by Chandler Shades (a local company, of course) a family run business that was really nice to deal with. We won't be putting up any other "window treatments" as they're called. We're finished! Yay!

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Anke said...

Oh those look for sure great!!!! What a good idea to have them installed with the windows. Must be so nice to have them.
Oh and to answer your question on my blog, I will offer Expressive Painting Classes and Collage Art ones. I have plenty of more ideas in my head but the time is right now a problem. So we will see how everything works out.
Smiles, Anke ;)