Friday, July 17, 2009

More NYC fun, the Whitney Museum and Serendipity

We went to the Whitney on the night that it was pay what you want to enter and guess what? They let us in for FREE! Maybe 'cause we said it was C's birthday? Anyway, we got to see the Claus Oldenburg retrospective (with his wife.) Very nice to see that work again. Downstairs, there was a concert in the cafe with so many people enjoying it. I liked the way the people in the shop seemed not to notice (it was VERY loud) and the people outside on the ground floor level were waiting to enter. I liked all the levels and activity in these images. C went down there to check out the Art-o-Mat to see if I had any work in it. Nope, sold out. Well, yes, I'd just gotten a check for work sold in that machine. It makes me laugh to say that I have work in the Whitney (have I told you this already?) in the basement, by the bathrooms, in a machine! ha ha ha. Afterwards, we headed off to a surprise, SERENDIPITY! It's a great ice cream shop with a sundries store in the front part. A long line of people waited to get in, we waited and it was worth it. Check out the big messy sundae. They make them that way, messy! Their specialty is frozen hot chocolate. How's that for something different? The sundae was reeaally good. I got caramel and it was over very delicious vanilla ice cream.

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Found art blog said...

I want one of those sundaes!! I just LOVE messy food!!