Saturday, May 09, 2009

A very español day

It's been a very jam packed week....I guess, because I haven't had time to post an entry, which is so not like me! While walking my dog this morning, I found a little pony in the dirt, it was very tattered but when I picked it up and placed it on a wall, it looked very perky. I hope it has a little more "life" left in it.

My yard looks so nice these days, even though the snails are eating the flowers that Chuck bought. He put several pots on the bench in hopes that the snails, or whatever is chomping away on the plants, won't find them. They looked really nice sitting there.

After getting the dog back home, I walked over to the coffee shop at the Science Museum, which is close to my house, for a Spanish conversation MeetUp. What fun. There were 5 of us, we laughed a lot and actually did speak Spanish with each other. Muy divertido! The flower arrangement was on the table where we were sitting on very comfortable couches. I can't wait for the next MeetUp. THEN, in the afternoon, I went to shop for something to wear to a special event in Chicago next month. The clerk spoke with accented English and I took a guess and said "¿de donde eres?" She was from Buenos Aires....and I spoke mainly in Spanish with her, admittedly she had to help me out a bit; but I did pretty good! A very español day!


Found art blog said...

FAB!! How excellent that you're practising Spanish barely without leaving "home"!!

Anke said...

HI Mim, sounds like a fun time! Your garden looks wonderful, enjoy all the blooming going on, even it sound like the snails are trying to ruin it. We have the problem here too with snails, especially with garden veggies. I watch my flowers growing every day too and I can't wait for my two flower walls to bloom in the full, which probably still takes some more time. But I definetely will take some photos of them when it's time.
So enjoy your rest of week and have a great weekend, smiles, Anke ;)