Saturday, February 14, 2009

Staying in New Jersey.

We're staying at one of those extended stay motels up in New Jersey, which is what we always do, though we often whine about the drive up here, and trying to find our way on the notoriously badly signed roads, BUT we can't resist the good deals we get on these places. We've never stayed in this particular location. SO here we are in Somerset, NJ, USA, about 40 miles south west of New York City (Manhattan Island!) We opened the door to the hotel room and said: It's an APARTMENT! I had to show you, even though our possessions are strewn about. A nice kitchen with a desk/table, a living room with an easy chair, a sofa that becomes a bed, and a TV with a DVD player. There's a bedroom with a big bed, a desk, and a TV on top of the dresser. This place has TWO TVs. There's a closet in the bedroom, as well as a big closet by the entry door. The bathroom is very big, with a great shower, and a hair dryer. There's a big gym, washing machines and dryers (free) and a little "shop" where you can get groceries on the honor system. Are we impressed with this? You bet. It was easy on and off the highway that connects to the NJ turnpike so we didn't get lost going to and from Manhattan today. Whew! We went to lots of galleries in Chelsea. More about that next. I had to show you the view....ha ha ha...a parking lot! Check out the flag. The wind was blowing VERY hard the day we arrived, but the clouds were lovely and the sun out.


Found art blog said...

Now THAT is a deal!!!! Never mind the view, it's a DEAL!!!

Barbara said...

What a wonderful desk! Looks like you could hold a conference there LOL. Enjoy your visit w/M. xo bb