Thursday, January 18, 2007

wintery surprise

We had a sudden drop in temperature the other day. When I walked in to teach on Wednesday morning at 0730, it was only 28F (-4C) Brrrrr, did I ever walk fast!! This morning, I looked at our rock garden in front, and what a nice surprise...with snow flakes flurry-ing about, I had some flowers blooming. The "lenten rose" plants had blossoms and another plant, name unknown to me, also had flowers on it. What a wintery treat. Of course, we did have temps in the 70s for several days, so those sweet blooms probably were a mite confused as to what season they were in. I was happy that the freezing temps didn't turn them into withered blooms. By the time I got my camera, the snow had stopped leaving no trace on the ground.


Juli said...

What a great sneak peek to spring surprise!

Nesbit N Hatch said...

Mim, The unidentified plant is a winter blooming Daphne. The scent is sweet and spring like. It is a wonderful reminder of what will come. I miss my garden I left in Richmond. Things like Daphne and Lenten Rose can't exist in Idaho; way too cold, and cold way too long. It is now 7 Feb 2007, and we still have at least two more months of severe cold! Brrrr!!!