Friday, April 21, 2017

More from Mexico

We took an architecture tour of San Miguel de Allende, led by our friend Barry Zaid, who now resides in SMA. It was very interesting, of course.

Patterns, tiles, colors, good memories.
Can you make out the sign? Yes, that's a Starbuck's, right in the center of SMA.

Catching the sunset from the balcony, from the house on Terraplen calle. Does that tree look like a monster to you?


Limner said...

Beautiful colors. I am fond of colorful tiles and adobe. I've never really liked Mexico although I enjoy photographs of the place and visited from San Diego and Texas. The very air saddens me. Your photos allow me to enjoy what I cannot seem to find there. Thanks.

mim said...

I've never been to Mexico before, and had always worried because of what I'd read, but I met some lovely people from Mexico in my Spanish language social group. And that made a difference. We weren't close to the border, either. We were only in Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende which has a large English speaking population and lots of ART! Glad you're enjoying the photos.