Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A new directions!



 Do you ever have a happy accident that makes you so happy?

Well these cards are my happy accident.

I'd scribbled, literally made some scribbled lines on a piece of paper, using my Inktense pencils. Then I brushed on some water. The paper was not water color paper so the color didn't come up intensely. I cut the paper into two postcards and started to work the forms with a gel pen. (#147 and #148) I really like the results. A lot.

A couple days later, I got out some water color paper and tried again. While I think these are NOT as successful for some reason, I still like the process.

I'm going to continue with this "experiment" to see what else happens.

Such fun!

Let me know if you've had something like this happen; What was it and what resulted from it, this happy accident.

On another note, Autumn is here! It's cool out in the nice, crispy air, crunchy leaves underfoot kind of nice.  Is it autumn where you are?


phonelady said...

thank you mim as you can probably tell I did not like it either sorry . I hate to give a book a bad review I really do but when I feel it is not worth anothers time I must say so . Thank you and take care .

dan mouer said...

I love these, Mim. And I am a big fan if Inktense!