Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mail Art, of course, and More, of course.


#108 front
This pink mail art was in response to a call from Tofu, out in California.

There are a few days left to the dealine if you want to participate.

I used the cover of an old, very distressed book, to make this piece of mail art. It was fun to just change it up a bit and, also, it felt good not to just toss the book in recycling.
#108 reverse


Mail Art installed in window

Interior display
The above piece of Mail Art is a reference to the fabulous paper dolls of Stephanie Blake. Her's are amazing. Search her name to see more, if you have a moment.

Well, the Mail Art is installed and it looks excellent.

The solution that Lauren, at Rostov's Coffee and Tea shop, came up with is excellent.

The window display and the one inside are both so appealing. You can see the more photos of the exhibit and all of the cards entered at the bicycle blog.

Viewers are encouraged to pick up and interact with the Mail Art pieces on display inside. The entries are all on display. I hope that this exhibit will encourage others to take up making and sending out Mail Art.

Have you made any lately?

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