Friday, March 21, 2014

Oh My, the time when by so quickly!

 I've been making Mail Art but at a different pace these days. Some days, not at all and other days, more than one.

Prints of my Tiny Town that were left from my exhibit last year, have water damage from the flood in my studio.

Not the images but the area at the bottom of the page. SO....
 I've been cutting out the images, and altering the alterations! What fun, Tiny Town redux, as it were.

Adding the little vintage musicians has been fun for me. It changes up the images so much, right?

 What do you think?  Now I have new stories about the residents of Tiny Town and the child musicians who visit them.

I'm doing some simple collages, too.

These simple town compositions are as appealing to me as altering the vintage cards.
 I'd forgotten how good it feels to tear paper!
 Mrs. Andrews, with whom I've exchanged mail since 10 years ago, at least, sent me a sweet small piece which the postal service thought deserved to be put into a larger envelope so it wouldn't get damaged. Fortunately, Mrs. Andrews didn't put her return address, ensuring that I'd receive her Mail Art.
 I changed up my REAL Wall again. It's so inspiring. 19 artists are displayed here from 10 countries.

I have so many more wonderful pieces of Mail Art to display but they'll have to wait until next month. I'm enjoying this grouping very much.

Is there anything from YOU up here?

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