Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Art work 2005 - early 2006

Since I don't have a web site for my art work, I thought it was time to share some images here. Two of the "woven" pieces are 3"x3" and are part of my Homeland Security series. You may recognize the security envelopes in them. Using the envelopes came from a "talk" with Anna Banana. The work deals with my feeling towards the patriot act & the color coded security system. Two of the pieces are 9"x9" and are actually woven maps with stitching. Those were from my Tikkun Olam series, about repairing the world. They stem from my frustration with the world situation, which I couldn't make any better. I retreated to my studio to make art. The rectangular piece is only 4"x6" and is mail art sent to a show, called "Crossroads,World", in North Carolina.

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Anke said...

They are great! Love the style!