Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Laundry day

Tuesday...laundry day. We went to the reception to get jeton (tokens) for the laundry machines, but they only had ONE, and we had enough saved up items for two machines. oh well, shift gears. We put in one load, went upstairs to do things, and then back down to use the dryer which, no matter what setting we use, doesn't exactly DRY, so we end up with clothing draped over window ledges, chairs, easel, or hanging on hangers from the shower bar. Later, after much walking, we came back and they had more jetons, so we could do our second load. Doing the normal household living types of things, like laundry, grocery shopping, prove to be the things that we are clumsy with. Signage is a problem and the icons are not what we're used to. What does a little running man on a washing machine mean? In the end, we have clean and dry clothing. And in the end, we're really glad for the machines in the bottom of stairwell two, cause in the past, we had to take the laundry to a laundramat on rue St.-Antoine.

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